iMac G4 15in upgrades (HDD + RAM)

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by beige matchbox, Mar 20, 2006.

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    Mar 16, 2005
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    First off taking it apart is a non issue, busy trying to find out what hardware is compatible :D

    Ideally i want to fit a 250Gb HDD, from an article on xlr8 your mac - "Just a FYI that in 2003 several owners have noted that the iMac G4 has native 48bit addressing support for "big/large" IDE drives (those over 128/137GB)." - i can't see any reason a bog standard 3.5in ide drive wont work, am i right?

    >link to article<

    And on the ram front, theres a dimm slot on the inside, afik it'll have 256Mb in there at the mo, and if i remember correctly it's 133Mhz sdram, what the max size i can fit in that slot?
    Same goes for the outside slot, which is an so-dimm, currently occupied with a 256Mb stick.

    I remember seeing loads of articles on this subject around the G4 era, but now all google turns up is G5 stuff :rolleyes:

    Oh, and before anyone says it's not worth it, get a G5. I don't need one, this is to be my bedroom TV with the addition of an eyetv 410 :cool:
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    The harddrive Q: the answer is yes on the large drive support (137GB+) the app i use says ATA-6 harddrive so any 3.5 IDE drive would work ..

    Ram part: its 2GB max =1GB 184 pin ram in apple slot (internal slot) and 1GB 200 pin in user slot :eek:
    ^^ is for 2.0 usb systems

    the hdd/ram upgrade options on 800mhz G4 FP aka iLamp style below:

    1Gb total ram 144pin for user slot (512MB max) and 168 pin for internal slot (512 MB max) and any ata-6 hard drive will work since it has large drive support build-in ..

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