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    Today I went on a service call to a customer, and they were having wi-fi issues getting their router configured properly. Well, after I got everything corrected, the customer asked how much he owed me. I told him nothing. He is a neighbor, and I didn't spend any real time doing anything. He was very thankful. So thankful in fact that he said, hey, I have an old computer I don't use because my kids couldn't play games on it. You can have it if you want it.

    He said it was a Mac. I said sure, I'll take it, I love Macs. Well he goes to the closed, and comes back with a 15" G4 700 lampshade iMac, in what I would have to call the closest to new I have seen in quite some time. There is no yellowing, no dead pixels. It boots up perfect. Even had the original keyboard, mouse, and the ball speakers!!!!

    Can you believe it!!!!!!!
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