iMac G4 bridge setup


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Dec 28, 2006
I have just setup a new draft n network in my house, all 5 of the other computers connect to the new network fine even though some are g and b. But my iMac G4 (which has the old airport installed) just won't connect to the network :(, it can see it but after typing in the WPA pass-code it fails to connect.
I purchased the Belkin F5D7330 to use as a wireless bridge. I configured it to connect to the new network on one of my windows pc's, and it can see the internet fine on the windows computers. But i am finding it very hard to get the iMac to see it over the ethernet, in network diagnostics it tells me to Restart the device but this does not fix the problem.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Apr 29, 2005
San Francisco
Are you sure if the old Airport cards supported WPA? I'm not too sure. As for the Belkin bridge are you using a WDS setup and perhaps you should aim your G4 at the gateway address of the non-bridge. I think WPA is great, but the slight incompatibilities that occur with older hardware makes it not worth the trouble IMO.


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Mar 11, 2005
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The Old Airport cards support WPA.

I have a WPA Personal/Enterprise network (Airport Extreme N), with an iMac G3, eMac, and G4 PowerMac all working correctly. All three have the old Airport and no issues.

Maybe try a different flavor of WPA, or a shorter password.