iMac G4 wireless problem ugh

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by chibiterasu, Sep 30, 2012.

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    My iMac G4 (in sig) has been fine on 10.4.11 on a wpa2 network with an airport extreme card. I stared to get "there was an error connecting to snow" so I changed the channel my router was on all worked fine turned the iMac off came back the next day same error again. Then I re-seated the airport extreme card in the iMac again it connected and everything worked. This time I turned it of then back on and I was back to the error again. I read about deleting the key chain but I couldn't be bothered in all that so I wiped the HD and re installed tiger to make sure there was nothing wrong software wise but still its the same error. Im now running out of ideas and I'm starting to think its the card but if I turn all the security of the router (its a Netgear draft N one) then it will get the hump and then finally connect. Any ideas anyone, thanks in advance :)

    Update: After some poking I have managed to get it to work but now when the iMac is turned on it requires the airport to be turned off then on again for it to connect to my network is there any way to fix this??
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    Things you can do:

    1: Is there someone around you with Modem/Router? If so try that one, if no problem it's your netgear router
    Now, if this is the case you can try to go to netgear's site and look if there's an firmware update.
    You could also try to reset the router and see if that helps.
    I know an iMac is a bit heavy but you could try it in a different place like family or friends.

    2: Maybe there's someone close to you with an USB wireless dongle, if so try to connect with that one.
    If that works it is probably your Airport Card.
    Airport Cards aren't that expensive, probably you can find on Ebay.

    3: Another way could help to try and install Leopard, but don't know if that would help and if it runs fine on your system.

    The earlier machines had quite some problems on Airport, I remember when I had a Powerbook G3 and it wasn't always stable, I think I also read somewhere that if you use Kernel Extensions from a different System Version it also could help, but I am not really sure about this, others could chime in here, there are people here with more knowledge on this than Me.

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