iMac G4 Won't start Up


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Dec 1, 2003
Scranton, PA
Today I restarted my iMac G4 800 MHz... only to have it start back up and stay stuck on the grey screen with the grey apple logo. I let it sit for 30 mins... nothing changed...

How do I fix this? I reciently installed iLife 05 on it.. I think it's running 10.3.5.

Thank you!

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Jun 7, 2005
same problem

I am running a 1Ghz machine and it did the same thing this week. Started up with the (annoyingly loud) chime, then made a clunk-clunk-clunk sound for a while, then the ? mac thing came on the screen. Tried re-booting several times, same thing, took the cd out, put my tiger cd in, took it out again, re-booted another half dozen times, then it started just like nothing had been wrong at all.

I was planning to open th ebottom panel and see if my extra memory or airport card were loose, but in the end it fixed itself.

equally baffled.


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Oct 7, 2003

try a apple hardware test cd if u have it and check ur hd is not toast or memory is not corrupt :)

intel **** how did that happen
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