iMac G5 20" Response Time


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Dec 28, 2004
of my hand will get me slapped.
mad jew said:
What do you mean by response time?

On LCD monitors there is a rating for response time. Some are 24ms . Ive seen a good amount of 8ms LCDs lately. Its basically how fast the monitor refreshes or something like that. Faster = better lookings games and such. You dont get the ghosting effect when playing something like Quake 3.

mad jew

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Apr 3, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
Well it could be a few things but I'm guessing you're right Arcus. :)

I'm also guessing that the response time on the iMacs is the same as that for all Apple's other displays, which is 16 ms according to their site.


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Apr 30, 2003
LGRW3919 said:
no, i was talking about the LCD monitors. i think it was answered though.
speaking of imacs...
check this link out
(down at the bottom)

i don't know's track record, and i'm in the market for an iMac 20". could this happen and would it be worth it to wait?
Ok to understand there credibilty just look at there first article over Mac OS X 10.5 "cheetah"....hehehe :D :D
i quite often visit their site but to date i dont think any of there predictions have come true. But i always like the read. :p :p
So to answer your question, i would say that i highly doubt that there will ever be a dual proc iMac especially since we are going over to Intel. What i do say is, the current iMac line is really good value for money and it is just an all-round excellent computer. If i was you i would just buy one now that is if you need it.I have an iMac 17' 1.8GHz and i am mighty happy with it.



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Mar 6, 2005
cupertino (no joke)
yea a good friend has a 17" 1.8 iMac and i love it. I just have the money for a 20" and since i hear the monitor is better than an already decent LCD, i figured why not. A G5 will be hauling (with 1 GB RAM) on OS X for years to come.
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