iMac G5 ALS (17-inch) Questions

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    I have only owned a Mac back in the early 90's when I was a very young child. I have completely refurbished an old iBook G4 before and really enjoyed playing with a Mac. I am good with computers, but I never get to play with Macs. I did get ahold of an old iMac that was supposedly fried.

    The specs are as follows:
    iMac G5 ALS (17-inch)
    1.8GHz Processor
    1GB RAM
    160GB Hard Drive

    These are the specs I can get from the bottom of the stand near the Serial Number. These models had the problem with bulging/ leaking capacitors on the logic board that can essentially kill the iMac. I read up extensively on this but either people will know of the problem or not. I have the skills and the tools available to replace the capacitors (I only found one leaking, the rest seem 100% intact).

    My real question is what is the AirPort card supposed to look like in these models? I was told for sure that when the computer was functioning it had a functioning wireless card. I got the back off, and I was just sort of browsing around and was looking for the wireless card. I didn't see it in there. In the AirPort Extreme replacement manual I found it shows a wort of raised plastic cradle that the card sits in. There is nothing of the sort I have seen in the pictures in this computer. There are 2 rectangular pieces attached to the motherboard in that area and a small round battery I suspect is used for the internal clock. Both of these rectangles have codes on them if that is helpful. I am feeling more and more Mac illiterate as I discuss this.

    I was just wondering if anyone could help with answering whether or not the wireless card is missing. Once I complete the replacement of the capacitors the computer in theory should work. As of right now it does but the screen stays 100% black. I tried resetting the SMU, PRAM, and VRAM (if I remembered all of those acronyms correctly). This computer could be a very nice toy to have around and I got it for free, so presuming I can repair it I'd like to know if it'll work with a wireless network. I'd rather not put money into a broken computer, risk killing it further, and if it is all successful have a computer that can't connect to the internet.

    Thank you for any help in advanced and if anything needs to be elaborated upon just let me know.

    *Edit: So after going through manuals just trying to get a good sense of what the inside should look like I believe that I was wrong. The original iMac G5 had the AirPort card mounted, I have no idea where the AirPort card is in an iMac G5 (ALS) but it looks like they are completely different set ups. According to this article: and pardon me if posting links on this Forum is prohibited. I would still like to know which of the pieces inside of the iMac G5 ALS is the AirPort card if anybody can help inform me on that. Thanks again, and sorry for my general lack of knowledge.
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    "I have the skills and the tools available to replace the capacitors (I only found one leaking, the rest seem 100% intact).".

    One bad one and everything is down hill from there. I can't give you the info you want but i can definitely get you a little closer..

    try this

    I'm sure you can either look through his website and find it there or email him cuz this guy knows ALOT about this stuff..

    hope this helped!

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