iMac G5 HELP!!!


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hey all. i need some serious help. my iMac G5 (20" no isight) is having some issues. it will randomly without warning or reason shut off. like a power failure. i checked all cords removed the circle white thing on the power plug to make sure it is pushed in. re0installed mac osx and its still shutting down. it happens mostly when you leave the computer alone for a little wile. any help would be amazing! thanks


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Mar 20, 2003
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sounds like a bad power cord (if you're really lucky), power supply (if you're a little lucky), or logic board (if you're not lucky at all). Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to test and decide which one it would be, so i'm not much help... :-/


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Dec 29, 2005
Sounds like the power supply.

I'm assuming you're still under warranty, yes?

Even if you're not, take it to your nearest retail Apple Store. The Geniuses have been known to offer repairs after warranty for cheap ($100-250) even for things like motherboards and displays.

If they don't fix it, raise up a fuss and they'll most likely fix it. :)

EDIT: Before you do that, perform an Apple Hardware Test using the test CD that came with your iMac. It should tell you what's wrong with it. Then tell us the results ;)


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ran the hardware test....nothing worng. called applecare....could not fix the problem over the phone. next step is to bring it down to the apple store and hope they can fix the problem. my main issue is that there is no way to tell when it will shut down, so im hoping they can find and fix the real problem.