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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by aafuss1, Oct 17, 2005.

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    From HardMac-they won't post a photo of the insides of the iMac G5 (iSight), to be safe with Apple:
    Then let's have a look at the hardware evolution.
    Apple had obviously in reserve a new generation chipset able to manage both DDR2 and PCI Express.
    - According to many reports and tests, a DDR2-533 RAM module is an only marginally better performer than a DDR400 module. We will have additional information when looking at the latency value of the integrated RAM module of the new iMacG5. If one can notice an increased performance it will rather be the result of a higher clocked CPU. In addition, Apple is now back on the bad habits of providing a computer with a 512MB RAM module already soldered to the mother board. It means that one would not be able to install more than 2.5GB of RAM (at really high cost due to the amazing price of the 2GB DDR2 module), but it will also prevent users to use the iMacG5 with a 128bits bus.
    - concerning the graphic card, Apple by adopting the PCI express gives mac users access to the last generation GPU. Of course the overall performance will not be dramatically changed since the X600 is not the best of the ATI Radeon Xx00 series, it is not much better than the ATI 9600 that it replaces, but it comes with 128MB of VRAM. This is probably the most important update regarding hardware components of the new iMacG5.
    - The iMacG5 includes 3 independent fans: one for the GPU, one for the optical drive and the last one for the HD. It seems that Apple has learned the lesson from the first iMacG5 revision (especially for the high heat released by the OD and the HD).
    - Forget the "Do it Yourself", Apple has dramatically changed the architecture of the computer, and it does not really accommodate the DIY program. The inside compartment of the new iMacG5 resembles more the one of a PowerBook; the number of individual piece/components has been strongly reduced, as well as the number of screws required to assemble the computer. This model is probably much less expensive to produce than the previous revision.
    - the new motherboard is dramatically different, much more compact than the previous one, and featuring much less outputs or connectors.

    Will a photo of the new iMac's internal be posted somewhere soon?
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    i would like to see some bench's between the new 20" and the old. however reading this article now makes me quite happy with my rev b 20" and now the hassle for only marginally better features does not seem worth it. i hope apple will release FrontRow with a bluetooth remote for the other models in the future..that would be fantastic.
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    Same here. I've had mine for about 2 months or so and when these came out I thought it was going to be a drastically better computer but after seeing some reviews it doesn't seem like it will be that much different. The only reason I really want one now is for FrontRow, but it's not that big of a deal.
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    There's also the hint at lower-power, cooler running processor - one of my concerns with the Rev.B was melting components and fan noise - if they've addressed these issues I'll be happy with my Rev.C

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