iMac G5 mods?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by livingfortoday, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Nov 17, 2004
    The Msp
    Ok, this is going to sound weird... but. Has anyone seen any major iMac G5 mods anywhere on the net? I can't seem to find anything past fan mods. I've been trying really hard to find a good project to start on, and that PC in a G5 posted in this thread really has me goin' now. So. I've seen the PC in a G3 iMac mod, anyone seen anything major done to a G5?

    Thanks in advance!

    Oh, and if this is in the wrong part of the forum, please feel free to move it where it belongs. I just figured people in this thread might know.
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    Apr 29, 2005
    Well this is a G3 but hey, maybe you could make one out of a G5? :p

    EDIT: Ah just realized you said iMac not powermac. Sorry.

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    Mar 18, 2004
    WOOHOO! Where do I get me one of those?!!!
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    Dec 30, 2004
    Just to ask..are you going to heavily mod a Rev C iMac....:eek:'s brand new :confused:
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    Nov 17, 2004
    The Msp
    No no no! Oh, lord no! That would be a crime. Also, it would void my warranty :p . I'm thinking of getting the outside shell of an iMac and playing around with that a bit, to see what I can do with it. I've seen people put an LCD and PC into a G3 iMac, and I thought about doing something similar. I've just got a lot of worries, however, (primarily heat and clearance), so I wanted to see if anyone else had tried anything similar.

    It's weird, you don't really appreciate how ingenious Apple's designs are until you try to emulate them.

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