iMac G5 - powers down when waking up from sleep with 10.4.8

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by risc, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    My GFs iMac G5 has a weird problem if she leaves it sleeping over night the machine will power down when she tries to wake it up. This has only been happening since 10.4.8 was installed on it. Yesterday I did a clean Tiger install on it and the problem came back as soon as I updated to 10.4.8. It's bloody weird because if she leaves the machine on it will just keep chugging along like normal (I'm talking days here without issue) but it all goes pear shaped when the machine is put in sleep mode. If she sleeps it for a few minutes it will wake up fine, it just seems to be if it is left sleeping for a few hours.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this or how to go about diagnosing the problem?

    Any help or ideas would be great!


    update: I'm currently running Remember (The memtest based GUI app) on the machine to see if the memory could be at issue.

    Any ideas still very welcome.

    update: It looks like the memory is fine. mentions heaps of people having problems with sleep issues, a lot of them are being traced back to USB devices which doesn't help me at all because the only USB devices hooked in to this Mac are an Apple Keyboard and Mighty Mouse.

    BRING ON 10.4.9!!!

    Is there anyway to down grade OS X versions?
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    Downgrading OSX requires a full erase and install. :eek:

    Are you sure the machine is shutting down or is it just not waking the screen. I say this because I know some iMacs (and eMacs) had a problem whereby they wouldn't wake the screen so they were effectively dead to the world after prolonged sleeping. This wasn't specific to 10.4.8 though, obviously. You can tell if this is the same problem because the sleep light is steady (non-pulsing) but the machine is non-responsive. :(

    Having said that, you could try resetting the SMU to restore some of the energy saving firmware to its default.

    Also, as a side note, software-based RAM tests are notoriously bad at finding fault with RAM. Just because a stick of RAM passes a test doesn't mean it's not the problem. I say this as a side note because your girlfriend's problem still doesn't sound like a typical RAM-based problem, all the same. :)

    Finally, what the hell are you doing up at five in the morning! :D

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