iMac G5 screen flicker/freezing

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mrgreen4242, Jun 15, 2005.

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    Feb 10, 2004
    Looks like I have one of the bad iMac G5 logic boards that cause the screen to go crazy and the system to lock up. It seems pretty intermittent, but frequent.

    I called up Apple and since I don't have extended AppleCare they won't help me, which I have decided is crap. I have to take it into a service center. I have a clear hardware issue, but they won't do anything even tho it is under the warranty still.

    This is the 2nd (3rd if you count the loud fan complaints) issue I have had with this Mac in about 4 months. It's crazy! I'm going to box it up and bring it in either tomorrow or over the weekend, but I'm not sure where yet. There's a CompUSA nearby, but I don't really trust them at all. The university in my town apparently has an authorized service center, maybe I will try them. I don't want to be without my machine for weeks on end waiting for it to get parts in.

    I would really like a replacement. First the super loud fans, which they say they know about but can't do anything for. Then the harddrive fails without any notice what so ever, and now this. It's ridiculous! Any tips for getting hem to replace rather than repair my machine?
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    Jan 18, 2004
    Let the experts fight your fight

    Whelp, I think they pay more attention to your authorized repairers. Unfortunately, midplanes are hard to come buy right now. CompUSA has had my computer for, what, 46 days now. The good news is that my CompUSA Apple guy is going to bat for me to have Apple just give me a new (2nd gen!) machine since I've had to wait this long!

    Dunno what to tell you - you might be in for a long ride. I just keep in mind how worth it will be once I have a working iMac in front of me. ;)

    Good luck!
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    Feb 10, 2004
    46 days is absolutely absurd. A working iMac in front of me is worth exactly $1499 which I already paid for. I'm going to bring it in tomorrow, and see how long they say it will be. If it is over 10 (working) days I am going to start calling Apple immediately and demand they replace it. There is absolutely no reason it should take that long if the machine is "user-servicable" anyways. If I can be expected to do something, then a tech should be able to it without any issues. If it is a part supply issue then they need to sort it out and in the meantime take care of customers by replacing the machine all together.

    I hope you get a new machine soon, and that it's a 20" if you had a 17". If it was a 20" I hope they give you some extras for your time.

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