Imac G5 screen problems. help!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by valypan, Feb 13, 2005.

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    I am an Imac G5 user in Denmark. I have a problem with my screen and Apple would not come and look at it here so I would need to take my Imac to the nearest Apple center at 200 km from here! So I was hoping you guys could have some ideas about what is wrong with it, as there are replacement parts I can order online without visiting the apple center. So this is what happens. When the Imac G5 has been turned off or asleep for a little while, when I turn it on the screen is all screwed up: it slowly blackens from the left then changes into weird coloured geometric patterns and then it freezes. The fans start off like mad and I need to restart it. I need to restart it a few times before it stops freezing and it lets me log on. It passed the hardware test, I reset Pram Nvram, reinstalled mac os x, repaired permissions. What could be wrong?
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    If you speak to Apple long enough, explain the distance often enough and how you can't get it there, they will eventually allow you to mail it in to them.
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    Yea, that sounds like a good idea. You might lose a bit of money shipping it to them as opposed to paying for gas, but it sure would be less of a hassle.

    As for the screen, do iMacs use logic boards like the iBooks do? I never quite knew exactly what one was, but my friend had an iBook with that same problem and after he sent it in to get his logic board replaced, it was perfectly fine.
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    Sounds like something on the midplane is screwed (midplane = logic board, CPU, GPU, pretty much everything basically!).

    Replacing the midplane yourself is a bitch (I know, I've done it).
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    That sounds just like what happened to my first iBook back in Dec.,04. I left it like that and went to the Apple store to show the manager just what I was talking about. Since it was 2 days old they replaced it but I feel your pain. It maybe in your best interest(I know you said it was a long drive) to be able to show the store manager what is happening, so if its newer they might be willing to fix it there or exchange it.
    Good luck :)

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