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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Xenious, Mar 29, 2008.

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    I have an iMac G5 which was recently repaired within Apple care warranty for a power issue. The issue has come back and it will refuse to power on at all or it will just power off during the boot process. Unfortunately it is now OUT of apple care warranty. However, it is within 90 days since it was repaired for the same issue. In this case is it covered under warranty for the work done?

    The fine print is contradictory with it saying there is a limited warranty on any repairs done that is valid until apple care runs out or until 90 days pass (whichever is LONGER), but on the back it says that any warranty done during apple care coverage ends at the end of the apple care coverage itself.

    Unfortunately this G5 has had a loooong history of problems ever since it had a logic board replaced for the bad capacitor issue, but I wasn't able to get it totally replaced in Jan. I'm looking to get a solid ruling before i hassle with hauling it to the apple store. Do you guys think it can be fixed for free under the rule of the 90 day repair warranty? Does that cover parts AND labor? Am I SOL?

    Thanks for any tips or opinions,
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    I think Apple would repair it since its a known issue and has happened before with you iMac. If you're worried, call the store before you go.

    I recently had to have a new power supply put in mine (no previous issues). The extended repair period ended and they put one in and only charged me $69 for the power supply, free labor.

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