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Jan 12, 2005
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I figured I'd go to the experts with this. One of the guys here at work is interested in moving to an Imac G5 from a Win box at home (way old, needs pretty much a whole new system). Primary motivation is that his kids use mac's at school and for his home use a mac will do what he and his wife need (word, excel, etc). I know he wants to keep costs down and his kids are into the usual music, photos, maybe video (still needs the cam-corder), etc. Here is my suggestion:

1.8 GHz 17-in Imac G5
Add 3rd party ram of 1 GB

Total cost:
G5: $1499
Crucial (2x512 MB) $145
Total: $1644

Seems to me that it's cheaper to buy a 160-250 GB SATA drive from OWC and drop the 80 GB into a firewire box if he needs the additional space at a later date.

Comments? Opinions? Apple care?

Thanks :)


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Feb 4, 2003
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I would not personally do applecare. Never needed it and there are many threads about that talk of pro's and con's so you can search those.

As far as the outfit goes- sounds great. I would personally upgrade the hard drive as much as possible but that is me. Nice to have build it and at apple's specs, etc. that is a lot of memory but it is so cheap it is worth it.

What about back= up. Might want to talk with them about that as least for the future. Maybe just do Cd's or DVD's now periodically but after gets more into video and or photos then maybe a separate HD would be best so maybe doing just basic size HD now and like you said get a bigger one later.

I use .Mac for many things including backup of my basic files- word, excel, etc. Maybe this would be good for them. Again many threads and thoughts on .Mac as well but I personally think it is worth the price for the ease of use- maybe this family would think the same.
think about a refurb. as wel.- my last two have been and have been great and saved hundreds of bucks.
Good luck
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