iMac, going deskless. Unconventional placement.

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mantler, Apr 28, 2019.

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    Dec 4, 2017
    I don't have a real computer desk, other than an old drop-lid secretary desk, which is next to my front door and I use it as a landing place for putting mail/keys/etc. when I get home. With my MBP I've just moved it around to wherever I am in my apartment, usually between the coffee table, dining table, or the shelves/counters that I have in my open-plan kitchen/living room.

    Since the MBP died recently I've been looking at a 27" iMac to replace it, since my needs have changed since I bought the laptop in 2011 and I really only use my computer at home, and I don't like Apple's current portable offerings that much. I work on it less than I used to but sometimes do some translation/editing work with it, I don't have a TV or stereo so I use it most frequently for streaming video, listening to music, and general day-to-day internet use. I also use it for storing/occasionally editing photos, and it's entirely possible I might get back into some video production with it at some point.

    I was toying with the idea of moving/getting rid of the shelves in my living room and wall mounting the iMac, but I understand that once you order it that way it's pretty much how it's gonna be. I also rent and while my landlord would probably be ok with me putting holes in the wall, I can't easily get rid of any furniture without his permission since I'm renting a furnished apartment and most of it is his. It also would be inconvenient to have it permanently fixed to the wall in one place. I've been considering something like a cart (maybe a bit nicer-looking than the ikea one below) so I could move it closer to the sofa sometimes, and was just wondering if anyone here has done something like that with an iMac, though most likely in an academic or office setting? Obviously I'd want to secure it to the cart somehow, and then I'm also worried about it being top-heavy and getting killed by (or killing) my two crazy adolescent cats.

    Where have you placed your iMac, for those of you who can't/don't use a normal computer desk?
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    That cart would suck for me, since I couldnt get close enough to the screen, there would be no place for my feet or knees.

    I’d check out some of the options from Ikea: desk
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    As mentioned above, the cart you show will provide terrible ergonomics for a computer desk. The lower shelves will be very problematic if you intend to sit at the computer, as there's no place to put your legs.
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    an imac is designed to be used on a desk-- or at the very least, a table-- with space for the users legs underneath. The keyboard and mouse (or touchpad, if you swing that way) should be placed on firm surfaces-- not on laps, or sofas.

    I remember when computer desks were ungainly things, designed to elevate the CRT above the keyboard with a build in half shelf. Sure, you could use one of those monstrosities with an imac-- if you like neck strain. No, it is far better to simply search for a desk-- and not limit your options by getting a "computer desk".

    (you might be tempted by a folding table, but the inevitable wobble will irritate you).
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    I can't imagine carting a 27" iMac around to different tables in the house like I did my MBP, but having it slightly portable for the times I want some flexiblity with where/how its positioned is pretty important to me, because the way I do things with the computer around the house varies enough that it would be annoying to have it in just one place. Otherwise I'd just go with something like a Mac mini/big screen setup, since I don't have a TV.

    The thing is, I'm trying to get away from having a dedicated computer desk. I've had many over the years, and I sort of hate them, except for a simple one that I left in storage in California when I moved here to Spain. I usually don't spend long hours sitting at the computer anymore (though that may change with work at some point in the future) and I really don't have a functional place in my small apartment for another piece of furniture, without getting rid of things (which is difficult because they're not mine and I'm not really allowed to.)

    If I ever move, then I might reconsider some type of desk but was thinking that I could work in some sort of cart/table. The ikea one that I posted a photo of is not really what I want, just closer to the direction I'd like to go for a computer table. Actually this one that was on the page that you linked is probably the closest so far to what might work for me.

    Stability is definitely a necessity! Wobble would drive me crazy.
    I think I'm going to have to look at some adjustable tables/desks because I have had lower back pain for several years and more recently, sciatica, hence why I like to change around a lot with how/where I use the computer. I really don't want to always be in the same position using the computer for long periods of time. I might change out my sofa and coffee table and get some kind of reclining chair that can be used ergonomically with a mouse and keyboard, a friend of mine with nerve problems does something like this and it seems to be pretty comfortable for him.

    Anyway, just curious if anyone else here has done something like this successfully.
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    I bought this. It's called a Martin Home Furnishings Contemporary Computer Cart. Bought it from Its a bit pricey, but it's not a piece of junk either. I like it and I think it will last me a long tome. My new iMac looks sweet on it, although I do have the 21.5" model with Bose Speakers on each side.
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    Amazon now has a much better price with Free Shipping.

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