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Jul 25, 2012
I found a small white line/scratch/mark on the imac. How scratch resistance is the aluminum material and the screen? If I take a cloth or Tshirt will it rub off or scratch the grey aluminum? How tough is it?


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May 3, 2009
Aluminum can easy scratch as aluminum is not the hardest metals, and plastic is plastic so yeah that can scratch as well. I wouldn't be scraping a dime across the screen if I were you but normal precautions would be sufficient to keep it in pristine condition


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Oct 28, 2012
To my knowledge Apple clear anodizes all of the products they make that are alum. Now as to how thick that anodizing is is behond me (Mil-Spec type 3 Hardcoat being the most thickest, most durable of all anodizing) I highly doubt its that or (Mil-Spec type 2 anodizing) which I also doubt is that either. Now as with any anodizing the finishes can vary and I'm not so sure with the thickness if it can vary as well but I know if the anodizng is really thin it will be easily scratched. I'm a real anal perfectionist kind of guy so I hunt and look for perfect in pretty much everything I buy and if I come aross the most slightest only I will see flaw then I'm not happy with and the product or whatever it is must go back to who I bought it from but thats just me.
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