iMac i5/i7 heat/noise?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Kutuzov, Dec 9, 2012.

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    When reading on this forum I came across the question if i7 runs hotter/becomes noisier than i5 with normal usage. There were two different ideas about this. They were significantly different so I thought maybe someone who knows about this stuff can give a definite answer as to who is right? Below are quotes from that thread,

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    The long and short of it is this:

    Yes, an i7 CAN run hotter if you are running it full speed.

    However, it doesn't need to run full speed for as long, to get the same work done as an i5.

    I doubt it will be noisier - the max fan speed is still 6200rpm (? is on the MBP anyhow) on both machines.

    To get a long cpu intensive job done, the i5 will run the fans for longer as it will take longer for the job to complete.
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    I tried to ask about this, but the problem is you can't overclock or disable hyperthreading on i7 iMacs, so you would need several iMac models to test this. Therefore you'll most likely get assumptions here, and not real objective/factual answers.
    If you look at overclockers' forums, you'll find that the hyperthreading in i7 typically add about 10 degrees at full load (sometimes more, sometimes less). However, these are overclocked CPUs, so the the added hyperthreading heat would be exaggerated.
    Anyway, the i7 CPUs have to get hotter because they draw more watts at max load than i5, but how much difference in the thin, closed iMac design, who knows..

    My biggest concern is gaming, as the 680mx card is also bound to get hot. I guess we'll find out eventually when the 27'' iMacs start to ship. I too prefer a more quiet cool-running machine, if possible.

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