iMac i7 or MBP i7? Best bang for buck?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by DdMac679, Apr 13, 2010.

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    Since deciding to donate my June 2009 MBP to my father I am now in the market for a new Mac. Now I haven't really been keeping up much when comes to the new i5/i7 technology but I am trying to find out which computer is worth my $2000. With the announcement of today's new MBP refresh I got excited with idea of a mobile i7 platform but after reading multiple threads and looking further into the equipment I am beginning to believe than an iMac would be considered a better machine, but I am not sure I understand this hyper threading technology? I read that the i7 on the MBP is single core but with hyper threading technology according to Barefeats, it can force it to act as a quad-core processer.

    #1. If the iMac uses quad-core i7’s, how much is hyper threading improving performance compared to the single-core i7 on the MBP?

    #2. In your opinion which computer do you think is the better machine overall?
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    The i7 iMac uses a desktop i7 quad core CPU with Hyperthreading capabilities, the current i7 MBP uses a mobile dual core CPU with Hyperthreading (HT) capabilities.

    1. The iMac can have eight concurrent threads due to HT, the MBP can have four threads due to HT. So twice as much.

    2. The iMac, as long as portability is NOT an issue.
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    A desktop is always better bang for buck... you just can't take it with you.
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    The iMac by far.

    It's a quad core with benefits as stated a couple posts up.

    The RAM can be upgraded farther, and doubled for MUCH cheaper than the MBP. Price the cost of 2x2GB to take the iMac up to 8GB vs. 2x4GB to take the MBP there.

    The iMac has a HUGE display by comparison. More resolution, more screen real estate.

    Hard drive capacity is doubled on iMac vs. MBP.

    It all really comes down to whether you want to move the thing or not. If your laptop is going to sit on a desk and be used as a desktop with the occasional move, get the iMac. If you want to move it around daily, get the MBP.

    Portability is key.
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    I was planning on getting the new i7 15" MBP after selling my 13" mbp for video editing. I hated the idea of not being able to take my computer with me until I bought the iPad. Just got my 27" i7 imac and im very pleased with this combo.

    Now I have an iPad to do the basics (web, email, Use the iMac for the hardcore stuff......and the iPhone for when I'm using my iPad as an coaster for my drinks.
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    Nice. Thanks for the explanation.

    When I bought the 13" I thought I was going to be doing that but since the time I have owned it, it has been more desktop than laptop.

    I have been thinking of that combo also but will probably wait till the next iPad refresh.

    :apple: abuse :D

    Thanks for all the help and I appreciate everyone's feedback.

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