iMac iPhoto 11 many images preview 'zoomed in' or magnified - is this a bug?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by PhoneandPad, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. PhoneandPad macrumors member

    Sep 23, 2012
    When previewing images by clicking on the thumbnail in an Event for example, I've been finding that many images preview in a 'zoomed in' way so only a small part of the photos is previewed in a highly magnified view.

    Initially I could find no cause. Then I tried right click - Edit and on the affected images, always get this warning:

    "Image Cannot Be Edited - This photo was previously edited with another application or with an early version of Iphoto. Duplicate this photo to edit it." and a "Duplicate To Edit" Button is displayed.

    If I click the button, a dup is indeed created and if I delete the original, the preview issue is fixed.

    I have already tried a complete library repair and then a complete library rebuild, no change.

    The external Editor defined for iPhoto is Adobe Photoshop Elements.

    Now, I reckon the MUST be others out there affected by this same apparent Preview bug, yet my searches have not revealed this so far.

    - Anyone else seeing this?
    - Is the issue recognized by Apple yet?
    - Is there a fix other than tracking down all instances and manually fixing them - and then the issue will return every time I edit in PSE.

    Feedback appreciated, as I'm thinking of logging this formally with Apple.

    iPhoto 11 version: 9.4.3 720.91 / PSE 11 version: 2012.0830.r.32025
  2. scs bristol macrumors newbie

    Jan 29, 2014
    iphoto 'cannot edit' and 'zoom' issue

    I have the same issue. It has lost me dozen, perhaps hundreds, of hours of editing over the past 10 years. also even once duplicated and re-edited previously rotated photos now show up with the wrong orientation in their slideshows.

    There was no obvious warning that this would happen at any stage of the upgrade process iPhoto 11 so I would regard it 100% as a bug - and worse, one that apple must have known about as it appears to be part of merging the iPhoto and Aperture databases

    There must be hundreds of thousands of people who have lost dozens or hundreds of hours work because of this. And millions whose enjoyment of their photo collection will be spoiled unless they now spend hours of their time

    I didn't buy an Apple for this. I could have got this sort of thing much cheaper from microsoft

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