imac keeps spitting out CD's

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by davette59, Nov 17, 2009.

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    Dec 30, 2008
    At the recommendation of my Son I purchased an imac desktop. I have had nothing but problems since switching from a PC. I have owned this computer for about 10 months and about 90% of the CD's I try to load will not play, they just keep gettin ejected. This includes both data and music CD's. I even had to replace my modem and I cannot load the installation software from AT&T that is specifically for a mac. Apple will not even talk to you after 3 months unless you pay them and I am even a stockholder. The computer will at times shut down in the middle of inputting information resulting in loss of all input and also in the middle of using it the screen keeps cutting out and goint to the screen saver. I can deal with most of these issues but not being able to load CD's is not acceptable. I cannot believe how sensitive the CD drive is to keep spitting out the CD's I purchase. I have to got to my other computer that is a PC and load my music CD's to my itunes. Can anyone offer help? I am about to scrap this expensive piece of plastic and go back to a PC as my main computer. I can't believe I paid almost twice as much as for a PC to get these problems.
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    Yes they will. You can't call them up and ask them to train you in the finer points of iMovie, but you are still under your 1-year warranty and can certainly request help in diagnosing and fixing the problem. Otherwise what would be the point?
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    It seems like an unusual problem. This sounds like a silly question, but when you insert the CDs, is the label side facing you? With vertically oriented drives, people sometimes get confused about which way the CD should face. If you are inserting the CDs correctly, then your optical drive likely needs replacement. Since you have owned the iMac less than a year, your best bet is to bring it in to the Apple Store where one of the employees can help diagnose the problem and decide if it needs to be sent in for repair/replacement. Sorry you've had a rough time with your iMac. Most of the time, they run pretty well, but nobody carries a 1.000 batting average, even though Apple would like you to think that they do.

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