Price Advice iMac (late 2006 - ver. 6.1) 24" All-in-one

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    Apple iMac (late 2006 - ver. 6.1) 24" All-in-one. Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz, 3GB ram, 250GB HDD, Super-Disk, Air-Port wifi, Geforce 7300 GT 128MB. Updated this to Lion (OSX 10.7.2). Comes with keyboard, mouse, power cable, remote.

    I am haggling with a guy over the pricing on this model. what do you all think is a fair price for it? :confused:
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    Mar 5, 2012
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    Not a bad computer if...

    The video card is good..but many maybe even most fail. I have 3 of these in various stages of disarray mostly due to that....actually one got peed on by a customers dog...but thats a different story.

    The bad:

    Video card is replaceable but expensive, hard to find, and un-reliable. Video ram 128k is tiny but I think the only other they made for this model is 256k.
    Terribly heat handling, gets hot quick and the venting is poor. Probably why the video cards fail.

    The good:

    Large matte finish lcd, fairly high res.
    Intel processor. Fine for web surfing, photo editing, etc. Poor for video, games. I use one for Garageband/Logic and it works fine with fans turned up.

    If you buy:

    Install SMC fan control and spin the fans up (you'll have to deal with some fan noise) and/or, cut some extra holes in the back to move more air out of the enclosure.


    I usually buy them for $100--250 depending on video card functionality.
    In theory you can reflow the video cards on these using an oven but the 2-3 I've tried failed.

    Good luck.

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