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    Hello dears,atall my imac was working fine as i am a new user and i have my iMac MC508LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop for 5 monthes,but the problem started when i used a cover for my imac!!i am living in a dusty and warm weather sitiuation and i wanted to avoice tiny dusts to attack my imac so i used a clothes cover for my imac,but one night which i was using imac i turned my imac off and then in tomorrow's noon i found out that my imac is turned on by itself while it was under the cover!!! it was too hot and in a flash i turned it off and by a cooler and i tried to make it colder.after 4 hourse which i turned it on again i was worry if it is working fine or not and thinking if cover has made it bad? after i turned on i tried hardware wrote imac is working fine,but after this,i am always in dubiety if my imac is too much hot or not,please guide me and let me know how can i find out how is my imac,i installed imac fan controller but still its grafic diod is 50 c.but with fan controller other parts are between 40 to 50 c. someboddy please help me to know how is my imac sitiuation.i have a music stodio and i need my imac to work fine,i use logicstodio software...
    looking forward to see your helps,friends.
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    I wouldn't recommend an iMac covered under clothes or covers or whatever unless you're gonna leave it for weeks or months. Covering your iMac after extended use is a free ticket to sudden death or failure :D I know you may want to keep this beautiful beast from dust, just clean it regularly, it wouldn't scratch

    Excessive heat is main enemy of every computer. But 50C temperatures on GPU diode/heatsink still normal. And even I don't use smcfancontrol anymore. I trusted the system's fan regulation, and I don't have problem with my Mac. If your're in a music studio, I assume you have air conditioner? That surely helps maintain ambient temp to keep your Mac safe beneath operational temp. Lucky for me I live in a quite cool area which naturally give me around 21C- 24C of ambient temp

    Now if you're going to overclock GPU, something that wouldn't allowed by Apple, you have to worry. I game under Windows a lot with my Mac, and it's hot, but nothing serious, no hang up, no sudden off or whatever that scare the $#!T out of me :)

    So, just calm down, don't block ventilation on your iMac, don't overclock (unless you feel challenged to do it and using smcfancontrol is a must) ... play normally and everything would be okay
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    IMO, the iMac slim box design lacks efficient inner ventivation to keep inner parts cooler - when iMac is used for ABOVE NORMAL usage loads. And, their energy star rating makes their factory inner fans run too slow - which doesn't help either. Compared to an open cavity box design, the iMac insides run hot. It's the side effect of their thin box design.

    During their next box design, wish their box was 1" thicker and it has more inner ventilation fins. And, better ability of natural cooling air flow - in case one of its inner fans become defective (and not noticed).

    3rd party fan control (like SMC Fan Control and iStats Menus) allows one to set the iMac inner fans faster. Thus, allowing the inner chassis to operation slightly cooler. Faster the fans means insides are cooler. However, faster RPM of its inner fans means the fan noise become louder. In some environments (like music recording area), faster RPM / louder sounding fans is a bad thing. Besides this, some folks don't effiently "tweak" the inner fan RPMs properly. re: they don't tweak the fan RPMs +/- every other week to see what works best - for their unique situation. They set to super fast RPM and leave the setting. Thus, making more fan noise then needed.

    To view the inner cooling details of my iMac, surf: iMac system/FanSpeedJune25-2011.png iMac system/InternalTemps2010-08-30.png

    Some folks don't like 3rd party software to tweak factory inner fan speeds. For these folks, they purchase a "near silent" 6" desk fan and place behind their iMac. And, this fan's different speeds allow one to turn up or down its noise level during sound recording moments. For example:

    Personally, I don't like driving any item (like an automobile or computer) until it automatically shuts down or its dash light comes on (from inner heat over load). As some say, the "too late" dash light. Too late because its inner "over heat" damage is already done. To me, applying "proactive" low cost improvements to keep an iMac cooler is a good idea. Especially a low cost external fan or low cost internal iSlayer iStat Menu program. Or, a combination of both cooling improvements. To me, being "proactive" is always better than being reactive (which is often too late).

    I also recommend that a iMac chassis should only be covered AFTER sitting in Power OFF state for 24+ hours. Thus, ensuring the iMac insides are cooled down. Covering a HOT item with a thick blanket (sort of speaking) is a bad thing....

    Hope this helps in your reasearch....

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