iMac "Mid-2010" backlight delamination issue

Discussion in 'iMac' started by maokh, Jun 14, 2013.

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    I have a 27" iMac "Mid-2010" with some significant backlight delamination issues in both top corners. You know, obvious annoying bright patches all over. My DVD drive has also been unable to read discs, however, this has been a rare annoyance as I almost never use it (and not worth the hassle)

    I bought the unit in April/May 2011 and my AppleCare expires in 2014.

    My question is, if I take this to an apple store, is this something this "old" going out for repair for 2 weeks? Can they fix it in store? Are they going to try to give me a more recent low end model? Are they going to try to trick me into something?

    I am curious what people's experiences are with this, just so I can be prepared.
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    Jul 8, 2011
    Should only take about a week to get it fixed. I had problems with a mid 2011 iMac and when I brought it in, they ordered the parts they required to do the job and a week later I had it back.

    As for them giving you a new iMac, it will depend on who the genius or store manager is. If your iMac is lower end, they may give you lower end in exchange. I would think they would never give you less than what you already have. My iMac was eventually replaced due to many issues in the 19 months I had it. My iMac was the top of the line that I could get when I purchased it, so they gave me a BTO top of line late 2012 in exchange.

    But it is a crap shoot. I also think I got it due to all the time my iMac was in the shop. 5 weeks in total.

    Set up a Genius Bar appointment and take it in. They will be better able to judge how long it will take once they see what the problem is. You might be surprised as Apple customer service is generally pretty good.

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