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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by roland.g, Aug 21, 2007.

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    I have a new iMac that I want to migrate data from my Mini to. I also still have my G4 tower that I never finished migrating from but that's another story. I think I have 4 total drives between my Mini, miniStack, G4 drive, and 2nd G4 internal.

    I know how to use target disk mode w/ FW or network (ethernet or Airport) to access all the data.

    I also used my .Mac syncing to bring my Address Book, iCal, Mail, Safari Bookmarks, and Keychains across from my Mini to my new iMac. And I know I can copy my iTunes library across to the iMac drive and then copy the library files over to bring all my playlists, etc over. Not sure if this is a problem for my Apple TV or iPhone, but I would think that this data is also contained in the library file.

    Is the Migration assistant worth using at all, and do you have any control over exactly what it copies and doesn't. What I really need brought over seamlessly is my iPhoto library. Didn't know if that was as simple as the iTunes. Drag the library data across into the pictures folder and then launch. What is the keyboard command set for rebuilding iPhoto and iTunes libraries upon launch? Option-Command+Launch App? And what does this actually do?

    Any suggestions would be great. I wish their was a guide for the best way to manually migrate data. I don't want full migration b/c my data is not as organized as I want it so docs and movies and such I will do more piecemeal as well as Apps that I want most of, but not all.

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    The "full" migration is very effective--it makes your new user folder look exactly like your old one. Which, from the sound of it, isn't what you want.

    Moving an iPhoto library is as easy as you're imagining--as long as the permissions on the copied library are correct, it'll work fine. You may need to "point" iPhoto to the copied library (can't remember exactly how, but I think you hold down option when you launch it), but that's it. No rebuilding necessary--if it needs rebuilding because of a newer version of iPhoto, that'll happen automatically.

    I did basically what you're describing recently when I installed Tiger and wanted to take advantage of the chance to clean out my user folder. Copy iTunes and iPhoto libraries, documents as necessary, copy Address Book and Mail manually (I just copied the relevant files from the Library folder rather than using .Mac), and then I picked through my user library folder and only copied the things that I KNEW were necessary--some prefs, Mail, a few bits of Application Support (though most of that gets reinstalled by the application automatically if it's missing), and anything else I recognized as being something important.

    Then I ran for a bit and made sure everything was where I wanted.

    A little time consuming (maybe 3 or 4 hours of work), but it does clean out a lot of old and unnecessary prefs and such.

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