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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Naimfan, Sep 15, 2005.

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    Jan 15, 2003

    I got a new iMac G5 20" about a week and half ago, and the machine seems terrific--much faster and brighter than the 15" PB it replaced.

    However, I have noticed that the modem (yes, the 56K one) doesn't seem to like working after the machine has been on for a while--it is almost like it is overheating. When listening to the handshaking, there is audible fuzz and distortion--like a crackling noise-- while dialing. I've contacted my local phone company, who say the line is perfect (and having worked for them, I believe it), and the noise is not audible at all on a telephone. If I leave it alone for a while--like an hour--it will then connect, but often at a reduced speed, like 26.4K. (I am usually able to connect at either 52K or 49.3K.)

    The computer is obviously still under warranty, and I have Applecare on it also. Should I just take it in to the Apple Store and let the tech folks there look at it? And has anyone else noted a similar problem? The machine is stock other than replacing the one 512 stick of RAM with 2 1GB sticks from Newegg.

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    Yeah it sounds like the modem is faulty. I would call Apple and see what they can do. You may be able to just change the Modem filter board if Apple will allow you to do that. They may send you a new one, repalce it with the old one and then send the old modem filter board back to Apple. The iMac G5 is mostly a user servicable iMac for the first time since its original introduction. There is only a few select things they will not allow you to change.

    So go ahead, and give them a call. Apple Tech Support is very good. Better than most other computer companies.
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    Aug 5, 2003
    Try going back to the one stick of 512, and try and reproduce the problem. Also, have you changed the phone cable that is attached to the computer, or just double checked that you have both ends plug in securly? Do you have any other computers that are dail up that you can use to test the service, incase its a phone company problem that just happened to occur on the same day you go your new iMac.
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    Jan 15, 2003

    I've tried several different phone cables, and also different phone jacks. I'll try the RAM also.

    I never had the problem with the Powerbook that the iMac replaced, so I doubt it is the inside wiring. I can try it with my son's eMac and see if it happens--should have thought of that on my own! If it happens with the eMac then I'll know it's either an inside wiring (telephone) or external local phone company problem.



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