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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by i.shaun, May 27, 2009.

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    May 1, 2008
    So I tried to customize my dock, finding some new icons for stuff when I finally stopped to look at Finder. I can't seem to change it. Searching the forums I found some manual instructions on how to do it for free (without having to buy Candybar)

    I changed the png in the system files, nothing happened (but apparently it should have).

    I went further and added the picture itself as it's own icon (incase it was reading that, and not the picture itself). Still nothing. This is in the Dock resource files (system files).I went to "" resource files and did the same thing, still nothing. I replaced the picture, and even the ".rsrc" file with the one I wanted.

    Everything seemed fine except for the fact that the finder icon never changed. I'd re-launch the dock, type "killall dock" in Terminal, still nothing. So I rebooted.

    Upon rebooting I noticed finder was broken. The icon hadn't changed, and it failed to open. It would run but no windows could come up, so I was inevitable forced to re-install. I did an "archive & install + transfer user account". After letting it install all night, and most of the morning I noticed my home folder was intact, some custom icons were still there, and Finder was back in working Order -- great!

    I ran the update to 10.4.11 (combined intel) and some other things, rebooted, and the iMac was broken. It hung at startup, after the chime with an apple logo, and a gear spinning forever to no end. I looked it up, and apparently the error I was getting (as described by whatever screen CMD+V brings up) was a corrupted file caused by a bad update. Well that isn't very good. . .

    Well, I guess I have no choice, re-install, another archive+install, but this time don't transfer my user account. I was under the impression it had transfered some errors over, and caused the update to go wrong. I got it back up the next day, saved my files, then rebooted, and installed fresh (to prevent errors). I told it to write over the system, dont archive/install. So it does, and the next day (today) it comes back online, brand new system -- I ran the updates, reboot -- im stuck at the spinning gear again.

    This can't be right. I've had enough of this, what do I have to do to fix it? What are the odds of 2 updates going bad? I did a fresh install this time and everything! I popped in the OS X DVD, and this time ran Disk Utility myself to check it -- everything good. I formatted it in disk Utility, so there is no OS, no old system, nothing to hinder it now. I re-installed again, and that's where I am now.

    I'm installing ONLY the 10.4.11 update this time. NOTHING else will be done until this update goes through. I hope it works because if I'm stuck at the spinning gear again I will tear the machine apart.

    At least my files were all backed up previously. . .
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    Jan 15, 2008
    Clearly an user error. The error is located between the imac and the chair :p

    You learned the hard way. YOu should next time make a backup file for anything you are modifying. I would have copied the to a Finder.app_original or something so if the **** hits the fan, you can always go back and replace the broken one with the original. Oh, and if you go modifying system files, you cant cry if something goes foobar :)
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    May 1, 2008
    haha yeah I learned, but my biggest problem wasn't the re-install, it was the fact that the update corrupted a file or process called "Diskarb".

    It happened twice, the computer would hang on startup, and if I checked it out, the mac would say "attempting to start diskarb . . . diskarb not responding. . . "

    It would repeat this process for a while, then say "giving up on diskarb" and nothing would happen beyond that point.

    I just formatted with disk utility, did the update last night and it appears the system is back up in working order. I just have to install the other updates, and re-do my settings and such.
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    Oct 14, 2008
    ok, so wait. You tried to manually change the finder png icon in the dock? why not just spend $20 or something and buy candy bar. That is what i did and it is so easy. And it is also easier to eff up system files doing it manually

    And did you totally reformat your HD? If you re-installed the OS, you should have a brand new computer, so to speak. In the same state as you purchased it in. I just reformatted mine and it worked perfectly. Any system files that you messed with would be erased when re-installing. And you are on 10.4? did i read that right? You on Tiger?

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