Imac Optiarc Ad-5630a Help!!!

Discussion in 'iMac' started by macadmirer, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Aug 30, 2009
    I have replaced a not reading optiarc drive dvd inside my imac 7,1 with a new one inside the external airbook dvd superdrive, it does not work!! the profiler sees it but it will not work!, is there a procedure i have to do for it to read?...the old one was acting up and that is why i replaced it, but this one does not work at all. I know is good, because it works on a airbook fine, and although is not compatible, once removed from the communications board, it is identical to the one inside the imac.

    Help is needed!! ...thanks!!!

    BTW...I reinstalled leopard, no luck, i upgraded to snow leopard, no luck either...
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    Aug 30, 2009
    Come on Guys!!!

    Help still needed!!!, at this point 27 views and no comments, please some guidance!!!!
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    Aug 21, 2004
    You need to give us much more information. Specifics of what you did and what was wrong with the other drives.
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    Aug 30, 2009
    Here we go...more details...

    ok, please excuse the long story, sometimes too much info is good...

    ok, the whole deal started when this computer belonged to a customer and he had issues with bootcamp, we reached a point where the machine would not recognized the windows side, so he took it to the apple store and they told him that they could not do anything about the files on the windows partition, luckily for this customer he called me from the store, and I advised him to let me thinker with it, I did.

    I opened the imac and removed the hard drive in an effort to recover his files, i decided i would put it as a slave drive in another pc running some macdrive luck....

    Later I installed the drive back and after trying several hourswith the option key at boot up, The machine actually went into windows and I was able to recover his files to a wd external hardrive.

    The customer took the iMac back to the applestore and they replaced the drive for free...very nice from them, they had however called me at the customer request and warned me that since they noticed fingerprints on the glass they would not normally service the machine, but because of the agreement they had with the customer they would. I of course told them that the only reason I opened it was to recover the data...(and I did!!).

    By then I had offered to buy the machine from the customer so i could get more familiar with iMacs since i did not own one at all. My customer is well off and decided that it was a good idea to have his "tech" owned one, and bought an exact replacement. that is probably why the apple store did not argue much about the old iMac no more.

    When I got the used one (of course), needles to say it had that brand new replacement hard drive in it, and I started trying to install boot camp on it, it was then that I noticed that the dvd drive was not always reading the dvd drive, by this i mean, that it would sometimes recognize a cd and sometimes it would not recognize the same cd.

    Unfortunately many of those times were when i was installing windows on the boot partition, so i finally gave up and decided to make it work first on the iMac side and then later would take care of the bootcamp deal...

    I reached a point where the iMac would not read the dvd's at all, so I started looking for a DIY replacement, after all i've worked with pc's a for years and "believed" i could pull this one out....wrong!

    since my dvd drive was a superdrive, i took the wrong assumption that an external superdrive could work with it, and went got one at bestbuy, I was about to take it apart and install it when i decided to test it in the usb did not work, then i called apple support ("India") and they assured me they were compatible....wrong!!!

    Advised by the apple support people i went to bestbuy to get a replacement, but this time i ask them to try it on the same iMac i have that they had on did not only worked on the airbook...frustrated, i called apple at the spot, and Indeed they apologized and said that the external drive was not compatible...

    I asked them if the unit inside the external drive was the same as the one in the iMac and they could not i decided to take the replacement just in case..if it was different i would just take it back....

    Once at home, i opened the external drive and it was exactly the same model, but not the same firmware, i preceeded to install it, but again, it showed the error...the disk could not be read....

    The profiler showed the drive and you can hear it spin but no luck....

    It was then when i remember that the iMac machine did not have leopard install at first, but the customer upgraded it to I went and reinstalled leopard, still the dvd did not work, I tried upgrading to snow leopard, and still no luck.

    I tried installing the original cd before leopard, but it would not let me, of course i've been installing leopard and snowleopard from an external dvd drive....that BTW happens to be DVD ROM, and it's 9 years old....

    So, my question is, is Tiger what is installed before leopard?...
    could it be possible that this affected the dvd drive? or it should work regardless?...

    Remember the dvd drive is new, and it worked on the airbook fine, the only thing i did was remove the little board that the usb like connector comes from before installing it in the iMac...i believe is more software related than anything, but you guys are the expers!! kindly again......HELP!!!!!
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    Aug 30, 2009
  6. macadmirer thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 30, 2009
    110 views...4 replies, (3 from myself), still no solution....

    Funny!, I have tried both the new and old dvd drives on a dell vista laptop, and it recognized them no problem!, I even went and played DVDs on them with no issues....

    That would support a theory of either a hardware issue on the imac board and/or a communication cable issue, or again software or configuration problem.....

    how do you reinstall the particular drivers to test this model? and where do i find those drivers?

  7. macadmirer thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 30, 2009
    board problem?....

    Well, i Have ordered a latptop dvd drive to usb adapter, I know the dvd drives work, so what i'll do is try them as external dvd drives, if they work, it mightl tell me that there is no software compatibility issues between the drives and the imac...i'll keep you posted, meanwhile I'm open for suggestions....
  8. Sparky9292 macrumors 6502a

    Aug 1, 2004
    Reset the PRAM!

    I just replaced a broken superdrive with a new AD-5630A on my old 2006 "big chin" core duo white imac. ($65 from eBay)

    After I spent two hours tearing the iMac apart and putting the new superdrive in, I booted up the machine, went to the System Profiler, and it said "CDROM NOT FOUND". Just about cried.

    But then I did the old COMMAND-OPTION-P-R thing at boot a few times and then it appeared.!

    Try that/:D

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