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Jul 31, 2010
Off to Uni in October and going to need a new laptop or desktop. Im stuck between the iMac or the Macbook Pro. I really want to take advantage of the iPod touch rebate and with the iMac just being released im tempted to get that. However, i wouldnt be able to use it in the library and stuff. But if I get a Macbook Pro i'd be buying a laptop that is in mid cycle so will be old kit in no time.

Any ideas???


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Feb 15, 2009
It would depend on your needs of course, but the MacBook Pro's were just updated not long ago. Even though the 13" still runs a C2D I really believe that computer would serve you well, unless you need a super powerful computer for school. For general use and writing papers and stuff it would be fine. If your major is engineering or something, it may not be powerful enough. I would say MacBook Pro for the portability.


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Jun 15, 2004
I used a PowerBook Duo 2300 (100mhz) my first year at uni (2005), then I bought a PowerBook G4 12-inch.

For taking notes, surfing and such you could get away with an older iBook.

Yes, the MacBook Pros have been on the market a few months, but they have new hardware, so I would not expect a big change, at least not the 15/17 inch models.


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Mar 2, 2006
Absolutely go with the MBP. Although you will get more power from an iMac, you really can't beat being able to take your computer with you everywhere. Dorm rooms are not the best places to write papers so it really helps to be able to take all your work with you to the library.

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