imac or macpro


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Apr 19, 2006
hey guys,

I'm getting a new mac in the next month or so. I'm a graphic designer using adobe an, macromedia apps. (no huge files, mainly smaller stuff)

I'm looking at a 20" intel imac with 1GB & 256VRAM
Lowest spec macpro and use with my existing screens
(which will end up way more expensive than the imac i think.)
(extra about 1k i think)

Should I fork out the extra cash and get the macpro or just get the imac.
Keep in mind I don't really need to upgrade the machine too much. I'd probabbly have the machine for a 1-2 years then upgrade to a new machine.

Thanks for your help.



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Mar 24, 2006
Sounds like you arent doing too much "top end" stuff I would say go the Imac it would be plenty for you (I LOVE their designs)


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Aug 11, 2006
An extra 1K for the Mac Pro seems off.

I would recommend you get the iMac. Wait til the Paris Expo, as the iMac may get Conroe which will be a nie performance boost over the Yonah.


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Dec 7, 2005
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No question - iMac, it's a no brainer!

Definitely iMac. Unless you are doing video, or very, very heavy photoshop, iMac will be on par with MacPro for a ton less money. Plus, don't forget, if you buy iMac, you're getting a nice 20" LCD screen (I think the 20" is a better deal for graphics than the 17"), something you don't get with MacPro. Now, granted, as a graphics pro you probably already have an external monitor, but as you well know, having two monitors is definitely better than having one if you are doing graphic work.

Another point: you'll save even more, if you buy and install extra RAM yourself rather than buy from Apple at their inflated prices.

The only thing here is timing. The current iMac is at the end of its life. MacPro is brand new. This means, Apple will upgrade the iMac pretty soon. That's when I'd pounce - the difference to MacPro will be even smaller with the new iMac, and the price is way better.

I vote iMac all the way :D


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Apr 26, 2005
I'll go against the grain a bit here, and say Mac Pro

Why? Screens. You say you're gonna replace the computer in 1-2 years... any LCD you have now will probably still be working then. I have a 23" on my g5 and NO WAY would I go back to a 20" screen. For "regular" work I love having the extra real estate - being in graphics I'd think you would really benefit from it. Personally, I'm thinking of adding a second monitor to my setup, just to take advantage of all that massive screen real estate.

My only real regret about buying a macbook and not a macbook pro is the fact that the macbook's video card can't handle a 30" display.

You can get a refurbished Dell 30" for 1500 bucks, and I'd expect that price to drop now that Apple has lowered the price on their own 30" display.