iMac plus 2nd display- whats best?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by LS3 Machine, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Oct 9, 2011
    I am getting a new maxed out iMac afetr they come out in the next month or so. For the work I do, I require at least 2 monitors (I am a technical writer). I need the screen real estate to easily view multiple documents at once. I was thinking of adding a Thunderbolt display as a 2nd monitor, as this seems like it will be a nice match for the Imac. Is there anything else I should consider when deciding on my setup? They aren't cheap, but money isn't really an issue. I do some video rendering as well, and I'm new to mac computers, but I have an Iphone and ipad. Thanks for any advise.

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    Assuming you are going to purchase a 27" iMac, then there are a few options...If money isn't an option, buy an Apple 27" screen, but they aren't cheap, and many people here use Dell ultrasharp screens with good results. I have a 27" iMac, but that's enough screen for me...I edit video and photographs, but find 27" is fine...If i'm stuck for more real-estate, I just use airplay with my 46" Sony Bravia TV. Other monitors that won't break the bank are around too...Best advice with screens is try before you buy...Go to a retail outlet and see them setup and in action.
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    Well, updated iMacs will most likely be released tomorrow. Which is good news. As far as second display goes, the thunderbolt display is by far the best companion for any iMac or MacBook Pro. Price is not an issue as you said, so it it will definitely be the best fit.

    Some things to be aware of that may change your decision:
    -Glossy screen so reflections may be a problem, all will depend on the lighting situation of where you place the display
    -Limited ports. It does have fewer USB and other ports compared to some comparable dell monitors - which are also cheaper

    Aside from these two major issues, it is an amazing display overall.
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    Oct 9, 2011
    Thanks for the comment. Its about 200 bucks cheaper, and has the same resolution. I guess to have a "matched set" I will probably just stick with the Apple Display. I also like the idea of connecting without the need for an adapter.

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    Hi Tim

    I was in the same situation with the previous iMac update, i bought a maxed out iMac 27 along with a cinema display (which is now a Thunderbolt due to problems), and am very happy with the combination. I have them both away from a window so reflections are not a problem. I also find the speakers in the TBD a lot better than the ones built into the iMac. I have also added a flowing panorama over the 2 screens which looks amazing as long as they are the same height. I haven't researched other displays in the same spec but cannot vouch for this setup enough.

    Hope that helps

    Chris :)
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    consider a rotating NEC display?

    I have the 27" Apple Cinema Display which I just bought as my new Mac Pro only has display port video. It's certainly a stunning display, well worth the money. I did have a Dell 26" display a while ago but this died shortly after the warranty expired and I had to chuck it as there was no after sales service available to me.
    If I was to add a second display to a 21" iMac I would choose one of the NEC P231/232W professional rotateable screens. They are fantastic for textual work in a vertical position! I haven't worked out yet the best interconnect method - a colleague at work has his NEC display plugged into a DVI/something/something/HDMI chain which seems to work. There are also questions about do you need wide gamut true 8-bit or 10 bit IPS displays if you go the non apple route - I think the Mac Mini forum has much more discussions on compatible (or not!) displays.
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    Oct 9, 2011

    Thanks for the comments and advise guys. I was looking at the "post your Thunderbolt display" thread, and it seems that it will be worth it to to just get the Apple me.

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