iMac, Powebook, and Airtunes

Discussion in 'iPod' started by jayb2000, May 17, 2005.

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    Hi All - this thread got me wondering about iTunes sharing and Airtunes.
    I want to setup my old iMac as a music/web server and be able to listen on my (future) Powerbook AND stream out to my stereo via Airtunes. Can I stream the shared music so I can control from my PB, or do I need to look for another solution (remote desktop or such)?

    So, I want iMac sharing iTunes to Powerbook, then powebook sending to Airtunes, so I can control the library from the PB. I plan on having around 40 gig of music, so I would prefer not to fill up the PB hard drive with that much stuff.
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    If the iMac has iTunes open, you'll get a blue playlist (assuming you've got the preferences set to allow sharing) which will play as a normal playlist would except that you can't modify it and it will disappear when the iMac stops running iTunes. To play through an Express, there is a tab down the bottom of iTunes where you can select your speakers (computer or various Express stations). If you select the desired Express from here and play music from the blue playlist, you'll be able to hear music from the iMac through AirTunes. :)

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