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Discussion in 'iMac' started by ribbonthecat, Nov 2, 2007.

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    May 23, 2006
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    I am an American, and I am thinking of buying an iMac this month. But there's a good chance that I will go to Germany next year for the year: can the iMacs handle the European power standard? Would it be as simple as buying a new cord (if so, where can I find it? I looked without success on, or do I need to have some sort of voltage adapter?
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    Yes, the iMacs have dual voltage (120V/240V) and are auto-switching, so you can simply plug it in to an ordinary European socket and have it run just fine. All you'll need is a US-to-EU plug adapter, which ought to cost you a whopping $1.99.

    This wasn't the case with the Rev A iMac G5s, but it has been so ever since. To verify that the aluminum iMacs are dual-voltage (they are, by the way), just go to the Apple site and look at the detailed tech specs.

    And just to re-re-re-reassure you, I'm speaking from experience here. I bought my iMac G5 in the US and have been using it without any hiccups (well, aside from the more widespread power supply failures that troubled G5 iMacs) in Germany for the past two+ years.

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