iMac Pro - Price???


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Oct 28, 2012
Anyone here have any guess as to what they think a Full-Spec iMac Pro would cost? I'm talking with EVERYTHING Maxed out? Surely this is a new Mac Pro till they release the new modular Mac Pro and new monitor to go with it. Personally I see this as being on par with the same kind or similar price of a fully maxed out Mac Pro. Anyone here think the price for a maxed out unit will top $10K or more? or less? Lemme know your thoughts on what you think a maxed out unit will set you back.


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Oct 28, 2012
Pretty much what I was thinking since the last time I checked the price of a Mac Pro fully maxed out being over the $10K range. Only issue is in this case to max out the RAM we're forced to buy Apple's memory which is what will really drive the cost up. I think when I last priced out a Mac Pro the price topping the $10K mark didn't include Apple's memory sadly in this case its a different story.


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Nov 5, 2007
You would have to have some serious computational needs to need a 20-core computer, huge amounts of RAM, and also need huge internal SSDs. Even folks who do the hardest processing might skimp on one of those items. But when we get into serious enterprise space, cost starts to become no object.


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Dec 27, 2008
My guess is fully specs'd it's going to cost $10-15k, the 18 core CPU alone will cost $2,500 from Intel.


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Feb 20, 2009
Methinks Apple ain't gonna keep the iMac Pro prices that high for very long.
Unless they want a warehouse full of unsold stock!


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Oct 18, 2010
Brooklyn, New York.
Unfortunately the answer is probably going to be in the 10k-12k range.
This is kind of a rip off. Given that the cheese grater Mac Pros gave you dual CPU's and a competent video card, as well as an enormous amount of expandablity for that price tag.
The cylinder Mac Pro traded dual CPU for dual GPU, but still allowed access to the innards.
Not too long ago I bumped mine to 64gb and a 2tb SSD.
The external connectivity is good enough for my use, but many miss the card slots and drive bays.
The iMac, judging by the starting price, will cost the same as yesteryears Mac Pro. But with expandability relegated to Thunderbolt as with the current Mac Pro. And MacBook Pro style non-access to ram or SSD.
(sorry I do not buy this canard that the thermal solution prevented them from doing so.)
It is a powerful GPU on paper. But it remains to be seen how well this cranks in the real world.
I was left underwhelmed by the Mac Pro with dual D700. Relying on GPU to replace CPU throughput just doesn't seem to be working out.
OpenCL? Oh that kind of got forgotten. Wasn't even mentioned at WWDC17.
Now we are on 'Metal'.

Am I pessimistic about the iMac Pro?
Yes. I am positive that Apple is going to shove this down our throats and scrub the Mac Pro refresh.
They will doubtless sell a lot of iMac Pros. Then announce (regardless of actual number sold) that it is an overwhelming success and there is no need for a Mac Pro.
Realistically. It is kind of hard to see Apple supporting two such halo products at once. An iMac Pro and a Mac Pro are both workstation class machines. And these, while necessary for the Apple ecosystem, are a niche product which generate a very small portion of their overall sales. Considering supply chain, tooling, warehousing, distribution and customer support costs. I do not see a future which allows for both.
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Oct 27, 2017
I'll chip in since I'm a Windows guy.:p iMac Pro has a new thermal solution but it's running Radeon Pro Vega card. The new cards from AMD are extremely power hungry and rather hot. There will be some serious noise coming out of the new iMac Pro.