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Discussion in 'iMac' started by Luc1300, Dec 9, 2013.

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    One of my friend is having some difficulties with his mac, and I wanted your opinions on this problem.

    He owns a 4 years old iMac with a magic mouse and keyboard. It ran OS X Mountain Lion and Windows (7 I think) through bootcamp.

    However, the magic mouse and keyboard stopped working on OS X (worked well on windows). When he launched the bluetooth keyboard/mouse pairing, the bar would load, but not completely. The problems started to occur after the Mavericks update.

    He had it sent to an apple specialist (Stream near Cork) who said that the hard-drive (He couldn't tell me the capacity and if it was an SSD or HDD or FusionDrive) was dead and that it needed to be changed.

    So he got the hard-drive changed and he recently got his iMac back. I think that magic mouse and keyboard works again, but the fans are really load and the mac is way slower than before. He is sending it back to stream

    Is there anything else to do? What could have caused it? Any other thoughts on that?

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    Simple take it back to the location that did the work, they should warranty their work. Assuming it was an Apple Store there is no question, if he used an AASP then again there is no question of a warranty. However it he took to a non-AASP then he's on his own.
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    Oh, great! It wasn't an apple store, but it's a mac specialist that's AASP I think, so it should be fine. However, he had to pay for the hard drive replacement, the mac is 4 years old

    [EDIT] I went on the apple website and I found stream (the place that did the work) on their AASP list

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