iMac ram ? Dell Ram ? << confusion

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    Oct 29, 2004
    This is my problem. I was looking on ebay ram prices and i see 1 user selling ( 2 different auctions ) the same ram. One it says brand new iMac G5 PC3200, the other one says, pulled out from dell dimension. Hynix is the manufacturer of it, and i checked some reviews and some people get apple computers with hynix ram.
    But now i am confused because i am not sure if it dell ram or G5. Are they the same ??

    thank you
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    Oct 11, 2004
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    Re: iMac ram ? Dell Ram ? << confusion

    The iMac uses PC3200 DDR DIMMs, non-ECC. These DIMMs cannot have heat spreaders on them (they physically interfere with installation). Other machines also use PC3200 DDR DIMMs, so you could have the same RAM manufacturer's part in two quite different machines.

    That said, just because two pieces of RAM say Hynix (or some other make) doesn't mean they have the same specifications... you have to know the part numbers. Also, "Hynix" on the chips themselves doesn't tell you who manufacturerd the module or the module's configuration, as major manufacturer's chips are used to assemble many different brands of module. So you can have Hynix on a Hynix printed circuit board, or Hynix on a third-party printed circuit board. The two could have very different specs.

    However, who you buy it from and what guarantee you get on it are the most important.

    We don't sell "pulls" (used RAM) because there is no warranty and no way to guarantee the RAM hasn't been damaged in handling.

    Our advice would be to buy RAM from a vendor who sells new, brand name RAM, with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, who guarantees compatibility with your specific machine and who will refund or replace it if not compatible. Stick with established companies in your own country -- cross-border warranty replacement is no fun.

    Needless to say, there may be bargains on eBay, but there is also a high degree of risk of misrepresentation, substandard products and outright ripoffs.

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