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Mar 4, 2010
Long Island, NY
I am a graphic designer by trade and I had some fun playing with what the new design could look like. I took in consideration all the rumors - having an iPad Pro like design language, Pro XDR Bezels and I put in the visual design of the XDR stand. The only question is what do they do with the Iconic chin. My guess is they won’t be getting rid of it completely.

Which won do you guys think Apple with go with? I personally like the reduced chin look.

imacNEWDESIGN_nochin.jpeg imacNEWDESIGN_littlechin.jpeg imacNEWDESIGN.jpeg


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Oct 19, 2015
I like the reduced chin - BUT - They need to put an SD card reader in that so you don't need to reach around the back...
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Mar 18, 2008
I used to advocate for no chin, but I’ve come to appreciate that it’s a part of the iMac’s core design. It’s iconic. I vote for the reduced chin.

Excellent mockups by the way. However,, if it’s going for a uniform flat body design like the iPad Pro, i doubt it will be that thin. I hope I’m wrong and you’re right though. :)


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Aug 19, 2017
It's become a bit of an iconic part of the design, think they should reduce it like in your mockup, and use it as a big speaker bar or something? :p
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Apr 27, 2020
Personally I like all the three renders. I wouldn’t be disappointed if one of these will be presented the next week.

Besides, without the chin looks very similar to the Pro Display XDR. On the contrary conserving the chin gives to it a recognisable classic iMac style, which is good in my opinion. With slimmer bezels, small chin (with the Apple logo) and Pro Stand stand looks very nice. Good job!

I agree with the reduced chin look. And let's hope Apple isn't charging extra for the new iMac stand! o_O

I really hope to see the Pro Stand on the new iMac because I really like its design. Maybe a simpler version of it, with the same design but without the possibility to rotate the display (which would be a possibility only if it doesn’t have the chin).

Thus, iMac is always been “All in One” Computer so it would be strage to see iMac + Pro Stand sold separately.
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Harvey Zoltan

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May 14, 2018
Why would the stand look like the pro monitor stand? I thought they might do something like the iPad Pro keyboard where you can move the screen up and and forward and back. But when I think about it I can’t remember he last time I actually wanted to adjust the screen on my iMac.
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Oct 18, 2008
I don’t think it’s going to look quite like the XDR display but will most likely have a smaller chin. And whatever stand they use design for it will come included because we’re not talking about a product geared toward the pro community. I mean they could just update the iMac Pro line but I don’t see how they would sell it without a stand. For people who are buying displays they may already have vesa stands but how many people do you know who own a Mac who have those lying around?


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Aug 29, 2012
I vote “no chin”

But both nice looking renders.
We’ve waited this long for a design change that we should go all the way.

I’d also propose even thinner bezels and less rounded corners (so as not to impact the screen real estate) so when looking straight-on it appears almost like a ‘floating’ image.

It won’t happen... but it’d be nice if Apple put Qi wireless charging in the ‘foot’ for the (‘new’) Magic Mouse and Keyboard ...
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Apr 3, 2010
United Kingdom
Small chin, secret-until-lit Touch Bar with Touch ID and non-contact reader incorporated into the Apple logo.

If they failed to do the above we would not have anything to moan / praise / face-palm / glorify about its Appleness.


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May 16, 2020
Until just now, I hadn’t realised just how close to ‘iPad design language’ the Microsoft Surface Studio is. Change the stand on these mockups, and you’d struggle to tell them apart.


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Jan 2, 2018
An optional pay-extra chin is the future!

On a more serious note, branding on a desktop is essential to Apple, I’d think. Also, continued design language of an icon would lead to a chin. That means a chin seems to be most likely to me.
The speaker aspect is not as much of a logical reason for a chin, since ipads and iphones technically prove the opposite.

Medium chin gets my vote!


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Jan 1, 2020
Forget the chin! Let's have a decent height stand. Currently I use "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson (52mm high) to raise my iMac, it really need another 20mm or so.
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Jun 25, 2010
I was hoping for no chin, but after looking at the pictures, I think I would vote for Full size chin. instead of traditional speakers I’d like to see it with acoustic surface audio, like Sony OLED’s have.
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