iMac sticky or jumping cursor/mouse and full speed fan ordeal

Discussion in 'iMac' started by iSamurai, Aug 29, 2010.

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    Hello all... I thought I'd share some knowledge after this ordeal...

    Last night my Magic Mouse started behaving abnormally. The cursor appears to be stuck a for a split second every 2 seconds. It was really annoying so I called up Apple support.

    So I told them about the situation. I tried restarting, didn't work. Logged into another use to see if the cursor is still stuck, and reboot from the intall disc. All failed. So the support staff said there was something wrong with the mouse and I should take it to a certified Apple place to have it inspected and tried to sell me AppleCare. I was told that the wireless mouse could be interfered by some wireless devices such as a router which I don't have.

    Anyway. This afternoon, did a bit of testing with the mouse on my MacBook, it turns out to be fine. So I suspect there is something wrong with the iMac (mid 2010). I also tested the computer with a USB mouse, and the same sticky situation happened.

    So I called Apple again and this time they told me to do a RAM reset by rebooting and holding command + option + P + R until I hear the 2nd "bong". So I did. And it's still stuck.

    Then he put me on hold to go speak to a senior technician. So in the meantime I turned my 2nd monitor next to the iMac back on (I turned it off last night) and all of a sudden both the Magic Mouse and the USB mouse works fine! I turned the screen off again and the sticky cursor came back, but I turned it back off again for now.

    So that's when I realised when the Dell screen is off it must still have drawn some power and produced interference with something in the iMac's hardware. So this support staff came back on but I didn't tell him yet, so he told me that I should do a reboot in safe mode by holding down the shift key when restarting.

    So I did that and the fan suddenly went to full blast and the screen was off. I held the shift key for ~30s but nothing appeared on the screen. I told this person that you probably broke my computer and I was told to just restart again. So I did. Then the screen was still black with fan on full blast. Then after waiting for a minute my desktop appeared with the fan still on full speed and both mice working fine even with the Dell screen turned off... :confused::confused::confused:

    So I told them that the mouse was fine now but the fan won't stop spinning. So they told me that I buy get AppleCare again (stop selling insurance you freaking people!! I don't want to pay insurance if the problem is even not my fault to begin with, and if I break something it's not covered under AppleCare) and told me I can call them again if problems still exist if I turn the computer off and leave it off for 1/2 hr.

    I did a bit of research online with the full blown fan problem and it turns out that I just need to shut it down, disconnect the iMac from the power outlet and hold down the power button for 5+ seconds, then plug it back.

    This time the fan didn't go crazy and everything was back to normal. While booting the screen was still black. I turned on the other screen and guess what -- the boot screen was on there... it turns out after you do a RAM reset the order of display resets as well. So the one connected via HDMI was the 1st preference.

    So... if you have any problems with sticky cursors:

    - check you don't have any radio transmitting devices or even stuff like screens turned on or off
    - reboot and reset RAM
    - if problems still persist, clear RAM again

    if your screen is blank upon booting

    - it's probably because the boot screen is on the other screen. Disconnect that screen and reconnect again.

    if your fan is spinning uncontrollably

    - do an SMC reset

    ...hope this helps...
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    Wow. Weirdest thing, this started happening to me today when I started to use my iMac, so I began to worry and found your post. I turned on my secondary display..... and the problem went away. Weird.
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    I had a sticky USB mouse problem on my new iMac. Not sure about the magic mouse. Haven't used it much. Don't have a 2nd monitor though. I think my problem was the receiver plugged into the backside of the iMac was blocking communication with the mouse. After I put the receiver on an ext. cable with the receiver in sight of the mouse and all seems ok. Maybe the aluminummmand electronics inside block the signal somewhat? It's a logitech V220. It's classified as a notebook mouse and I have always noticed it had a pretty short range.

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