iMac still possible? Md101-104x

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Alex Hobbs, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Alex Hobbs, Jun 11, 2012
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    Alex Hobbs macrumors member

    Apr 23, 2009
    Have these parts been accounted for? The last minute leaks all have the correct part numbers for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which means 9to5Mac's list is correct..


    So surely that would give us hope that MD101X/A, MD102X/A, MD103X/A, and MD104X/A are still out there?
  2. Smartie macrumors regular


    Apr 25, 2012
    Stockholm, Sweden
    You are on to something... Well spotted. Keeping hopes up. :)
  3. necromorph macrumors regular


    Jun 5, 2012
    I hope you are right :)
  4. Mister Bumbo macrumors 6502

    Apr 30, 2012
    Comparing to 9to5mac's recent leaked specs articles:

    975 - Check, Retina Macbook
    976 - Check, Retina Macbook
    831 - Missing, Retina Macbook (Though BTO?)

    223 - Check, Air
    224 - Check, Air
    845 - Missing, Air (Though, BTO?)

    231 - Check, Air
    232 - Check, Air
    846 - Missing, Air (Though, BTO?)

    Which would mean...

    770, 771, 772 - Mac Pro's

    101, 102, 103, 104 - Macbook Pro's

    ... :(
  5. Alex Hobbs thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 23, 2009
    975, 976, 831 are MacBook Pro's presumable, MacBooks don't exist anymore.
  6. Mister Bumbo macrumors 6502

    Apr 30, 2012
    Well yes, but why not also comment that they aren't "Air", but "MacBook Air"? :p Hardly relevant anyway. Doesn't look good for iMacs. :(
  7. Alex Hobbs thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 23, 2009
    No what I meant was if 975, 976 etc are MBP, then why would 101, 102, 103, 104 also be MBP?
  8. Mister Bumbo macrumors 6502

    Apr 30, 2012
    Oh sorry. Because they can't make MacBook Pro's with retinas "THE" MacBook Pro line due to a higher cost, hence they have to spec-bump current MacBook Pro line and add a new MacBook Pro with retina. (According to 9to5mac)
  9. nuges01 macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2012
    It's not in the list


    I just checked the prices on that 9to5mac list against the prices of each of the updated mac lines on the Australian apple store - Sad thing is, each of the new macs on the website are accounted for on that list as all the prices match. You can check the prices in Australian Dollars yourself.

    Does anyone have any updates on those accessories? Have they been quietly updated too? It seems to me that given that the iMac is not even on the list, we won't be getting that update.

    This is very sad and disappointing. On the upside, I figured that if the biggest disappointment in my day is the absence of the announcement of the $2000 device, then my life could be much much worse :p

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