iMac USB Failing...what wrong?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Tragedies, Feb 3, 2009.

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    I came home today and my new ADSL2+ modem arrived. I installed it, worked well, and then I decided to try and make my router (apple airport extreme) into bridge mode and whatnot. Anyway, the proccess tok a few hours due to me not having great success, then going abck to the good old settings. I then noticed my bluetooth icon on my menubar dimmed, as if no bluetooth module/hardware. I restarted my iMac and then no keyboard or mosue response. All my USB seem to be broken.

    I have an Alu iMac 20'' 2.0 GHZ 3GB RAM. Im not too sure what to do. First I used my iPhone's VNC client, and that allowed me to control my computer. I then restarted with my install disc and held down C as I remember reading that somewhere. Anyway, I looked through the utilities but didn't find anything that could really help me. I could press C due to the keyboard, mouse and USBs functioning normally BEFORE I went into Mac OS X Leopard. So I rebooted and went into my Windows partition, where I write this.

    What could be wrong? The only thing I downloaded today would be a 150MB AVI file of a TV Show, and nothing else. I worry, due to probably having to get it repaired, or reinstalling the whole OS, over just the USBs. Anyone heard of a problem like this? Thank you in advance for the support.
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    I would try the basics, like resetting the PRAM on your machine. Seems like a drivers issue or otherwise some software issue.

    You could try booting back to the system disk, and then reinstalling the OS using Archive & Install while Preserving User Data and that would, if done properly, just reinstall the base system and keep all of your personal data intact. Off the top of my head I have no idea how this impacts Bootcamp although I would imagine it to remain the same.
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    I had a problem with the USB keyboard freezing for about 30 seconds after my iPhone had been unplugged following a charge; I reset the PRAM and that seemed to fix it. So far the keyboard has been absolutely fine with the last problem (and the reset) being 10 days ago. I know this isn't quite the same but it was in the same area (USB) so I thought I would chime in!

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