iMac user switching, can't get back to OSX

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by morrowjo33, Jun 14, 2009.

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    Jun 14, 2009
    I acquired this computer from an old boss. It's an iMac. shortly after acquiring it i updated to OSX. Last night i was trying to change the name of the computer (from my old boss' name) to my name, i think i ended up creating a new user, because when i turned on the computer this morning, everything had reverted back to the settings that were on the computer before i got to it. It's now running OS9 and all of our files are on a separate user, that for some reason i can't switch to.

    i enabled fast switching, but the second user account i created doesn't come up. i SEE it when i'm in Finder, under users, it has my boss' account, our acct, and the shared folder, but i have no way of switching to it.

    please tell me that there is a simple solution that i'm overlooking. i'm not a novice to macs, but i've never run into a problem like this.

    Thank you

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    First of all, you must boot into Mac OS X.
    Go to AppleMenu (top left), Control Panels, Startup Disk, and select Mac OS X. Then reboot your Mac.

    If you're booted into Mac OS X, but still logged in as the wrong user (because the auto-login is set to another user) goto the System Prefs, Accounts, and disable auto-login.

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