iMac video out to S-Video?


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May 2, 2010
I am currently using an old, bust still very useful eMac DVI out to SVideo adapter. I have the Mac connected to a VCR with SVideo that then feeds 4 TVs around the room and it works and looks great. It is perfect for showing video clips, etc. during my lesson.

I am in the process of buying a new 21" iMac and am trying to find a similar adapter.

At first glance, I am NOT seeing a S-Video out option. I realize it is an older standard, but the MacBook Air has one.

Is there an adapter? If not, is there another solution somebody has worked out using multiple adapters?



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Nov 5, 2009
Most likely, there's converters for all the display connections. iMac uses minidisplay port.


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Mar 16, 2005
I have an old elgato Firewire400 to/from s-video adapter box, also from my eMac days. (my device is the European EyeTV 200 - FireWire D.V.R) It's in a cupboard in Italy! you should be able to find one cheap nearer to you and drive it from Firewire??

their website filled with many shiny modern things is here
but I think you might find the product you need in their wikipedia history?

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