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Discussion in 'iMac' started by police340, Mar 12, 2013.

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    I have a 2011 27"iMac that i added SSD to. It worked great for a year then had video problems last month with screen going crazy. Brought it in to local authorized dealer and he agreed to look at it. Said it could be logic board or video board. He replaced video board and it worked fine for about two weeks and then started acting up again. I brought it back in but now he does not want to work on it. I told him there is no damage to logic board or it would not have worked for a year. Any ideas or do you think i should take out SSD and bring to Apple?

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    You can do a simple test yourself, run Apple Hardware test, hold the D key at startup and follow instructions.

    Intel-based Macs: Using Apple Hardware Test
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    Video Problems


    I have already run the test, it did not show up anything. It could be when it warms up that it stsrats acting up. Was really asking does anyone think its the SSD or should I just remove the SSD and bring it to Apple as it is under Apple Care.

    Thanks, Bill

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