iMac w/Parallels or VM Ware and remote access Qs

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    PC Convert here, and happy Macbook Air user for past couple of years (along with my whole family). On MBA I have installed Parallels w/W7 to run a standalone business software that I need. Works flawlessly, never an issue.

    Now moving from home office to work space to hire an admin assistant, so I need a workstation. I'm thinking an iMac for the workstation will do. This is for office work, documents, email, mostly browser-based tools, and running the one Windows software program, which doesn't require much.

    Questions: (sorry if I don't phrase these well)
    1) If remote access to the iMac computer is needed so that I can access/run the installed Windows remotely, is that something best handled Mac to Mac, then launch Parallels or VM Ware, or is it best handled by the Par or VMW remote capabilities?

    2) I need to be able to print to a remote printer in my location also. Does that change things in #1?

    3) I may sometimes need to run the software concurrent with the admin while she is logged on and using the software but without kicking her off or taking over the screen. This isn't a "must have" or deal breaker, but does one solution allow for that and another doesn't? The software itself does allow multiple instances.

    4) I like the All in One, one cord simplicity of an iMac and assume there is no reason to use a mini and add the printer, keyboard and mouse. But is there?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts or insight.
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    1. You can setup remote access in the VM itself. Just install Teamviewer in the VM itself, for instance (and not in the OS X side), then run it.

    2. Assuming the printer is on a LAN, just set the VM to use a bridged connection (instead of NAT) and you'll be fine. The VM will then appear as an additional computer on the LAN.

    3. Assuming that the admin is only logged into the OS X side and not using the VM, you can. Just install the remote software within the VM itself and it will not interfere with the OS X side whatsoever.

    4. All peripherals, such as keyboard, mouse and printer are shared between the VM and the host (OS X). There's no need to get an extra set of peripherals just for the VM. It's just like how you're using Parallels on your MacBook Air.
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