imac winderz time capsule netwoork?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by wn1ytw, Jun 6, 2014.

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    I have a mid-2011 12,1 iMac, Mavericks and a 2nd gen Time Capsule I use exclusively via ethernet cable. The wifi on the TC is off as the nursing home I live in claims I was interfering with their wifi network. It wasn't worth arguing about - I just turned the TC wifi off. I have several other non Apple items I would like to have /talking' to the imac through ethernet. Can I setup a small network using the iMac, Time Capsule so I could attach 1 or 2 laptops via ethernet cable(s) without any additional hardware except ethernet cable? Networking confuses me!

    The newer flavor of Airport Utility is confusing at best and as I recall I could not use the older version.

    So can I set up a wired only network using that hardware and how? I envision plugging a laptop via cable running ubuntu and/or winders 7. The winderz laptops both dual boot win with ubuntu and a 3rd laptop is ubuntu only. The laptops do not need to be full time connections. No wifi access wanted. BTW I have tried to dual boot the imac with ubuntu without success.

    Advice/pointers please?
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    If your iMac is connected via Ethernet to your TC and working, the only thing you need to do is connect the other computers to the TC ethernet ports and you are done. (I assume your TC is connected to the internet)

    Regarding interference of your TC with other WIFI: There are tools like - free - $2.99

    Those tools let you see what WIFI channels are used by the other WIFI. You can then set up your TC to use WIFI channels unused and/or far away from the WIFI they want you not to disturb.
    Once you setup your WIFI you can even hide it under Airport utility/Wireless/WirelessOptions - create hidden Network.
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    If the OP just wants a local net, the TC does not need to be connected to the internet. You just connect ether net cables to your devices. If you run out of ports, add a ethernet switch.

    The newest generation TC can be a bit more complicated to set up without internet, as the best way is to use the old Airport Utility... which doesn't run on Mavericks.
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    Op can still run the old version of Airport Util on his Windows machine.

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