Imac+Windows Keyboard=No Spanish Accents?


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Sep 18, 2018
I recently switched my imac keyboard to an insignia (windows) keyboard. However, when I try to type accents (previously Option+e+the relevant letter on my mac keyboard), it does not work. When I try using the numeric keypad, it doesn't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Jun 13, 2015
let's narrow it down a bit.
when you type option r, do you get ®?
when you type command-p, does it open up the print dialogue? (or do you get π)?


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Mar 19, 2009
ßo easy! ;)

Yes, hold down a key on your keyboard for half a second and a contextual menu will be displayed to allow you to select a relevant accent.

In regards to the number pad, you shouldn't need to have the Num Lock key active as I don't believe it has any effect under macOS, but try pressing the Num Lock key if the number pad isn't working. If that doesn't work, go to System Preferences > Keyboard and select Change Keyboard Type... and follow the instructions in the Keyboard Setup Assistant to see if that makes any difference, because the number pad on third party keyboards should just work.
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Jun 13, 2015
The greatest difficulty with using a windows keyboard on a mac is that the poistion of the command and option keys are switched around.

on a mac keyboard, the meta keys are from left to right
and then the space bar

on a windows keyboard, the keys are

and then the space bar

generally on a mac, control is used by the command line, the windows key becomes the command key, and alt is interpreted as option

so, to print using your windows keyboard,
you'd press windows-P

To type the accents, you'd type alt with certain keys, and for certain accents, the charcter to be modified


alt-` àèìòù
alt-a å
alt-e áéóú
alt-i âêîôû
alt-c ç
alt-n ãñõ
alt-o ø
alt-u äëïöü
alt-s ß
alt-9 ª
alt-0 º

Those are the keys that come to mind.
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