iMac won't boot into OS X anymore!

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by xTRIGGER092x, May 28, 2013.

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    So, I booted into my Windows 8 partition today and after a crash, I can't get back into OS X, even after trying a variety of methods. Timeline of events:

    1. Get on Windows 8 for a while, when a Boot Camp window saying "This program has compatibility issues." pops up. I've been getting this for a little while as of late (I've been using an older version of Boot Camp not meant for Windows 8 - installed it before Boot Camp 5 came out with no problems). Computer freezes and crashes to blue screen (it came and went quick, so I couldn't read what it said)

    2. Mac reboots into OS X Utility. I decide to restart the machine; asks me the startup drive, but says it couldn't find any (or something to that effect). I shut down the Mac, boots back into Utility. I choose to restart, this time shows the drives - I pick the Mac HD. Mac restarts, gets past the Apple screen, but then gets to a blank grey screen with the loading wheel - the loading wheel goes on for a few seconds and then the screen seems to refresh, and then repeats itself.

    3. I try to boot into Safe Mode. No dice. Apple logo + neverending load wheel.

    4. Run Apple Hardware Test. Nothing found.

    5. Reset PRAM. Mac actually boots this time. I repair permissions and verify disk - no problems, nothing to repair. Restart and once again meet Apple logo + neverending wheel.

    6. Hold Option at boot to go to list of drives. Try to boot into Mac HD. Same results.

    7. Boot into Windows; it works, but it seems like it's running on default drivers. I find + install the new Boot Camp drivers, everything seems to work.

    8. Try to boot back into Mac. Nope.

    9. Reset PRAM, try to get back in again. Nada.

    10. Safe Boot. Same.

    9. Get back into OS X Utility and select Reinstall OS X. The "additional components" get about 10 minutes until being done when the bar suddenly skips to being full, but then I get kicked back to the main Utility screen. I begin to think my internet went out (it does that about once a day for all devices - totally separate problem).

    10. Try again, same results. Don't think it's the internet anymore - the second it kicked me back to the main screen I got on my phone and loaded a website without problem.

    11. Restore from a Time Machine backup. Thought it would work, but I get the endless loop from step 2.

    13. Reset SMC. Back to the usual logo + wheel of death. :(

    And that's where I'm at. I'd really prefer not to do a clean install (I've got a USB stick of 10.8.0), but I guess I'll have to if that's the only thing left to try. Can I restore from Time Machine after doing that?

    Running 10.8.3, BTW. Sorry for the wall of text.

    EDIT - I can apparently still copy things from the OS X partition to the Windows one. If I have to do a clean install, I'd feel more comfortable having my most important stuff on both the backup drive and Windows. Would it be safe to copy things?
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    Sounds like the partition died or you overrode it when installing Windows 8.
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    Things just got a lot more complicated. I tried to clean install ML using my bootable USB. I erased the Macintosh HD partition and then began the install on it. It got near the end when an error flashed saying "couldn't download additional components required to install OS X." I did this twice to same results.

    Then, I pulled out my SL disc that came with the Mac to install with. Let the installer run for about 15 minutes when an error about not being able to "copy the necessary support files". I've used this disc in the past; I can't see it being a problem with the disc.

    I'm thinking I might have to get rid of the Windows partition as well at this point. Problem is that you're supposed to use Boot Camp Assistant to get rid of it and regain the space back into Macintosh HD, and obviously I can't do that. So what am I supposed to do now?
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