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Discussion in 'iMac' started by classof2011, Jun 19, 2007.

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    I think that's how I need to put it. Anyways..

    Since the last time trying to update to 10.2.8 through Software Update messed up the iMac, I tried getting my Wintel laptop to download it. So, I did and I burned it to a CD. I ejected it after Vista formatted the CD, but not before it burned the update to it. Therefore the CD is blank.

    When in Disk Utility and Disk Copy, it shows up that it is there. But there is no image on the desktop, so I can't eject this disc through that option. Nor do I want to take apart the iMac and try to get the disc out myself.

    What do I do to get this disc to eject?

    Oh, and 1 more only reads certain types of DVD's, then ejects some other types.

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    If you have a blank disc inserted in your Mac but, for some reason, can't eject it, try this:

    Open Disk Utility, select the offending disk, click unmount then eject.
    If that doesn't work, restart the Mac and hold down the left mouse button (must be using a wired mouse).

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