Imac wont stay asleep

Discussion in 'iMac' started by rfanch3r, Aug 20, 2008.

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    Howdy all,

    One of the great things i loved about my mac's was that you put it to sleep and it stays like that till you wake it up consuming less power and its really really fast. Well as of late my iMac refuses to stay asleep and I cannot figure out why.

    8/19/08 10:42:23 PM kernel System Sleep
    8/19/08 11:51:08 PM kernel System Wake
    8/19/08 11:51:08 PM kernel vmmon: powerStateDidChange flags=0x82 (state 4)
    8/19/08 11:51:08 PM kernel Previous Sleep Cause: 5
    8/19/08 11:51:08 PM kernel vmnet: VMNetDisconnect called for port 0x7d9c100

    Pretty much thats what it says through out my logs:

    I had a touch pad connected via usb that was tucked under my imac stand but I unlugged it and it didnt make any difference

    Under power options I have it set to sleep after 3 mins but it never goes back to sleep after 3 mins, also i have wake for ether network admin checked off.

    Screen Savers are off.

    I am at a loss on what else to check or why my iMac insists on waking and more importantly why it doesnt go back to sleep after 3 mins.

    Any suggestions would be awesome. BTW yes I already looked on google but I was unable to find anything.
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    Maybe I should have re-worded that but "checked off" was really unchecked, as in not selected. It was meant to imply checked in the off position.

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