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    Feb 21, 2008

    I purchased a new 24" iMac yesterday and I got 1 gig with it and went and got 4gig of ram for 110.00 why does Apple charge 400.00 for 4gb when you can buy it for as low as $89.00. They should be ashamed of them selves. I can not believe the difference when working with pictures . Also Burning dvds is blazing fast. Is there brands of ram that are better than others. Also this imac takes notebook memory . so this is the same memory that is in the macbook pro?
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    Obviously Apple barters a discount on the more important items (like Flash memory for iPods, or small hard drives). When it comes to RAM there isn't really a market for them so they probably don't get the best bulk price on memory (cause they don't try). Whatever, as long as you don't get suckered into it should satisfy you.

    Crucial is usually the higher tiered memory around here, and yes the memory is the same as in the MBP.
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    Get 1GB from Apple, then go to and get 4GB. You'll save about $800. My 24" runs fast with 4Gb Crucial RAM
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    We all know it's ridiculous, but that's Apple.

    And to the OP- why does it say you're banned, but you're still posting? I'm just curious...
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    Who knows. The reason for the person being banned is not to be made public if you cared to read the forum rules.
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    Heh, I respect that, but I was only wondering if it was a glitch or something actually major. I don't really see anything wrong with the OP's previous posts or anything of the sort. But I'll drop the subject.
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    Aug 23, 2007
    imac question

    I have been looking to purchase a new imac, and i have been waiting for this and that to happen. I do have a couple questions that would help me make the decision. First how hard is it to install ram in the imac? Second i see that apple just droped the price ont he referbished imac. Will i get hure if i purchase one? Any other inforaition anyone can add is appreciated. :confused:


    gean :)
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    exact same thing i did...except i bought my crucail ram through since they usually have rebates.

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